Working on Radio Show

So today I have been working on my part with the Radio Show last week I wrote out what I plan to say for my parts and today one of my group members (David Mercer). We did several recording together, its like I want say what we did but I don’t wanna spoil everything we did, I really want you to listen to our radio show and see what my group has came up with. I’m also excited about listen to everyone else radio show. Well today David and I did our recording and we had to use a little sound effects. I can tell you what sound effects we used tho, we used a dial tone sound effect, ambulance sound effect, and a ringer sound effect.  We also in corperated these sound, we also had to use two by-standers which was my roommate (Abbie) and my suite mate (Casey Mae). I had fun doing these recording for the radio show. For our radio show we are incorporating alot of the wire so that’s fun, somethings we change but we use a lot of characters that are in the wire we even incorporated the location (Baltimore) in the recordings. When we recorder our parts we used Audacity, that made it easier for David to cut some parts out where we have maybe paused and messed up, so we didn’t have to do the whole recording over.

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