My Day in Icons

For my day with icons I decided to use emojis and to make it on my phone. I did my in order so that it would be easier for you to read. The first emoji was a “tired face” thats because the first thing I did was wake up. The second emoji was two cups of coffee, because every day starts after a cup coffee. The third set of emojis were some books and notebooks, because it was a sunday I did some homework then I started to get tired so that is why the next set of emojis were two more cups of coffee. Then I started to do some more homework so thats where there is paper and pencil. The next set of emojis are headphones and food, which is my lunch break. The second to last set of emojis are people, which symbolizes my friends because I hung out with my friends. Ending with the last set of emojis which are the tired faces, because I ended my day by sleeping. Hope you enjoy “My Day In Icons” Check it out below! image1

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