Final Projects

First Assignment was Unsuspecting Friends which was 2 stars. This assignment I took pictures of my friends with out them knowing. I tried to get the best shots possible. Hope you enjoy.


The second assignment that I did was Who Called ? This is an assignment that I decide tot make my self. I thought of this assignment when I was trying to think of an assignment and I looked down at my phone and thought of a phone call to another character or a voicemail. In my assignment I decided to do a voice mail as well as phone call.My song was from Kima to her X Girlfriend. Kim first left a voiced mail and then Kima called again and Cherly answered. I hope you enjoy it. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 3.58.57 PM

The last assignment was worth 3 Stars and it was the “Create a Dream Vacation on pintrest.  Below is a link to Kima’s Dream Vacation to  Saudi Arabia. I posted many things that Kima would  like to do on her Saudi Vacation ! I incorporated beaches that she would like to go and see, I posted a picture of a women riding a camel as an activity that she would  like to do. For this assignment there were a few questions that you also had answer. The first question was “Talk about if you feel like this trip will be possible for you someday, why or why not? ” Now that Kima is working homicide and making extra cash she will have the funds to take this trip, as well she will be able to go when she takes off on vacation. I decided to do a dream vacation for Kima, because after Season 4 Episode 9 seeing her x-girlfiend has moved and the all the stress she endured from that relationship on she deserves a vacation. The second question was , “What is required for your dream vacation to come true?” In order for this trip to happen Kima would have to get her passport, flight which would cost anywhere from $1100-2000, depending on which airport she flies into, if she flies into Riyadh it will cost approximately $1,100 but if she flies into Medina it would cost $2000. The last question, was “Do the place(s) you plan to go have a different native language? If it’s an exotic trip, are there legal requirements, such as shots, visas, etc.? ” Starting with the first part of this question, Kima would have to know Arbic but some people do know English in Saudi.

Below is the link to Kima’s Dream Vacation

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