The one who got away…

To ” The one who got away”  there three steps to not get caught. Step one you should eat eel sushi.  Eel Sushi  gives you powers to be invisible. I am pretty sure that you don’t want to get caught so the eel sushi that you eat the easier it will be for you. Step two do not make any phone calls either because the DS106 police will be sure enough to find you if you any many phone calls. The ds106 police checks every phone in the area to find those who got away. Step three is to only drink french vanilla coffee so that no one will smell you, french vanilla coffee gives you an sent that no one has learned how to smell, this is the most important step.

Video Essay

For my Video Essay I decided to do a show that we watched during these weeks of week 11&12, Season 3 Episode 11. I decided to do this show just because it was fresh in my mine so I wanted to an Video Essay on something that was fresh in my mine and I could talk about it and wouldn’t forget parts. I knew for this project the only way that I was going to be able to get this done was if I used iMovie. I wasn’t quote sure how to use iMovie. So I tried to working with it so that I could complete my Video Essay, when I started working with it it was much harder than I expected! I didn’t now know how to use anything I tried looking it up but I wasn’t getting any were because i just didn’t know how to use it so I signed up for an appointment with Meridth at the DTLT to get a tutorial on how to work with iMovie. I understood everything a lot more better than I did before so I decided to to wok on my Video Essay and I was still coming  across a few things that  wasn’t able to understand. So I think did a walk in at the DTLT to get a little more help with iMovie. I finally learned the basics with iMovie and I’m pretty excited to show you all my first  iMovie project I hope you enjoy. Check it Out Below.

My Video Swede

For My Video Swede I worked with Meredith, Carmela, David, and Amy. For our video swede we decided to work with Season 3 Episode 11. As a group we decided which scenes we wanted to do and where we wanted to shoot them and then we went out at shoot them using the equipment from the ITCC that we can now rent. I have to say being able to rent the equipment made it a lot easier for my group to do our work. I wanted to take a few pictures just to show you what is was like for my group when we made our Swede.  IMG_0878 IMG_0909 IMG_0910 IMG_0910 IMG_0913



Check Out our Swede Below

Pick a pet and change it

For my second Daily Create I decided to do the “Pick a pet and change it”. This Daily Create kinda reminded me of the hamster Daily Create they we did just a while ago. For this assignment I decided to do a panda bear, I didn’t really know which panda I wanted to do at first but I decided that I was going to do a panda bear. I decided to change my panda bear by giving him some glasses and hat and  a nice red bow tie. I didn’t wanna put much on him so I decided to just put three things on him and keep them simple. Check out my “Pick a pet and change it” : Panda Bear.


Minnie Mouse

My first Daily Create that I completed this week was the Mouse Meme. This assignment was to create a Mouse Meme, but to “The DS106 legal staff advises you to avoid any reference to Disney and its stranglehold on pop cultural mice. Feel free to ignore our legal advice.” So I decided to ignore their legal advice because I hate mouses so I didn’t wanna have to look at any real mouses, and plus Minnie Mouse is cute and you can put any type of caption on her picture and it would look like she said it. You could say something as “My Coffee taste like ham biscuits” or “Today is a rainy day, and I’m loving it” and it would fit for her. Any caption fits for Minnie so Minnie “Mouse Meme” it is.

Enjoy my First Daily Create of the week.



The Healthy Vine Challenge

I decided to do the Healthy Vine Challenge. I really wanted to do this assignment, but I would always forget to do the challenge, but I finally remembered. For my Healthy Vine Challenge I made pasta with chicken, one of the easiest dishes ever can’t go wrong with making chicken and pasta. I knew how to work Vine before I did this assignment, so that wasn’t something that I had to learn how to do. Hope you enjoy me Healthy Vine Challenge.



My Safe Haven

For my Second Daily Create I decided to do the Safe Haven assignment. I really liked this assignment. I have to say that this week has had the best Daily Create this week. For this assignment I decided to do three different safe havens, the first one I decided to put was my bed. I expect from everyone that their bed is at least one of their Safe Havens. The second safe haven is a fishing doc. I really enjoying fishing it one thing that I can do to get everything off my mine. The third/last picture that I put on my college was a picture of the back road. I live in the rural area, I’m not a fan of the city,city. So being on a backroad and just walking to me is very calm and peaceful. I hope you enjoy the picture. I posted it to flicker as well. Enjoy!



This is My Story

For one of my Video Assignment the first Video Assignment that I have decided to do is the “This is My Story” assignment. You can check out this assignment here “This is My Story“. For this assignment I decided to talk about how one day I pulled a muscle. I wrote out my story first on my computer, it took some time trying to think what I wanted to put in my story but it all came together. Once I typed my story up I wrote it on small little pink note cards, in order to do my video. I also added some music to my video so it wouldn’t be so boring. The reason I chose this is because I watched someone else do the assignment and I really liked there assignment so I decided to make my own This is My Story.

Check Out My Video Below, Enjoy ! This was a 3 star Assignment


First Daily Create of the Week

The first Daily Create that I did this week was the “Caption This”. For this Daily Create I had to Caption this photo or do a creative edit on it. I saw that a lot of people put captions on there picture so I decided to dress up my beavers give them so accessories to put on in order for them to take a selfie. I gave each person a hat and a bow or wither a tie and I have two of them a pair of glasses. I really enjoyed this Daily Create it was pretty fun ! Check It Out Below.


Survival Video

This is my Survival Video. I was pretty nervous when I did this video. I did make a few  mistake when I talked about who this video was for which is Cousin I said that the video would be for my cousins when they finish college I actually meant to say when they finish high school and I accidentally said that there were 5 steps at the end of the video where there is really only 4 steps. I was really nervous for this video because I could not  read off a script and I’m so use to reading off of a script when reading. So Check out the Video Here ! 

Assignment Survival Vide : 4.5 Stars